Marketing your wedding Gown

With wedding budgets ever tightening, there’s a developing marketplace for pre-loved wedding dresses. Some brides want to maintain their wedding gown for a reminder of the special day, but others believe it is a waste to have such a gorgeous gown gathering dust from the back of the wardrobe.

If your dress is still in excellent condition after the wedding, then you might get around half of the initial value by selling it on. Knowing you will offer your dress after the wedding might mean the difference between being able to buy that gorgeous but expensive designer gown you’ve got your eye on, and settling to the more affordable alternative that just does not feel as unique.

Selling your wedding gown on the internet is becoming the most popular choice and will ensure that your dress is observable to a broad audience. Or you could try out a shop that sells pre-loved wedding gowns; they’ll either pay you on it and market it on, or sell it on your behalf and have a commission. The last alternative is to offer your apparel to a dress rental shop.

Organizing your dress for sale
Have your dress professionally washed as soon as possible following the wedding. Any tiny marks due to perspiration or spilled beverages can turn yellowish and trigger irremovable stains speedily. Inform the cleaner in case you are aware of any particular marks or stains.

As mentioned by one of our contributors Caroline White at Caroline White Photography she recommends storing your dress carefully before you sell it. The cleaner might be in a position to hermetically seal it to you, or you might use an heirloom box that can help keep it dust free. Stay away from plastic bags that may trap moisture.

Marketing your apparel
Whenever you’re composing a description of your gown, provide as much advice as you can. Give the initial purchase price, the designer, the dimensions, the colour, the sort of waist, neckline and skirt, the fashion of fastening, and also a comprehensive description of any cosmetic detail like embroidery. To genuinely appeal to brides-to-be, attempt to add a brief description of the way the dress feels, and the way it moves when you’re dancing or walking in it.

To offer your wedding gown efficiently online, you’ll have to use top quality photos. Attempt to shoot four or five great photographs; shots of you the apparel will be more powerful than pictures of this dress hanging up. Here are some pictures you May Want to include:

A full-length view of the front
A movie together with the veil as well as some included accessories
A full-length image of the gown
A close up picture of almost any cosmetic detail
A close up picture of the bodice, apparently revealing the straps or neckline
A close up image of the skirt

Some wedding dresses sell more readily than others. If you’re wearing a modern apparel which will go out of style quickly, you’ll have to market it as soon as possible after your wedding. In the event you market your dress when it’s still fashionable, contemporary fashions sell fast; over 3 to six months. Timeless designs will always sell well but might require a little longer, maybe six to twelve weeks.

Mid priced dresses often sell very fast, while very costly or fairly cheap dresses usually require longer.

Moderately sized gowns will tend to sell better than very big or very tiny sizes. If your dress is acceptable for alteration, it is possible to mention this in your description.